Ask Yourself: "Is My Club Joinable?"

Wear a Nametag.  Start the Conversation.

This is the second year of Hello, my name is …, and we are confident that the hard work we've done over the last two years writing magazine articles, publishing Extended Content at, creating press releases, responding to Member feedback by making this year's nametags easy-peel, and cultivating a solid partnership with the Nametag Guy (who was also the keynote speaker at the 2010 Optimist International Convention in Denver, Colorado) will continue to benefit building relationships both within your Club and between your Club and your local community.

  1. Select a day for everyone in your Club to wear a handwritten nametag - JUST YOUR FIRST NAME.
    We have found that a blue "fine" Sharpie works best.

  2. Wear the nametag. It really is that simple.

  3. Start the conversation about Optimism. Wearing a nametag makes you more approachable.

Try it! You may be surprised at what happens to how you communicate with others and how they communicate with you.

--Member Services Department