International Leaders

2019-2020 Optimist International Board of Directors
The 2019-2020 Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers elected by Optimist volunteers from around the globe. The Board is charged with leading the organization into the future. The Junior Optimist International President and Executive Director serve as non-voting members.

Adrian M. Elcock
International President

Optimist Clubs of Barbados, Bridgetown and Ocho, Rios, Jamaica

Mark Weinsoff
International President-Elect

Optimist Clubs of Santa Barbara-Northside and UC Santa Barbara, CA

Rebecca Butler Mona
Immediate Past President

Noon Optimist Club of Western Des Moines, IA

Julia Cooper
Junior Optimist International President

Benny Ellerbe
Executive Director

Optimist Club of St. Louis, MO

Don Brose
Board Director

Clarkston Area Optimist Club, MI

Sandy Cyphers
Board Director

Optimist Club of Wilmington-Winter Park, NC

Patsy Garner
Board Director

Optimist Club of Fort Worth-Bft East, TX

Sandra Larivee
Board Director

Optimist Club of Essex, ON

Luc Dubois
Board Director

Club Optimiste De Sherbrooke, QC

Sandra E Williams
Board Director

Foothills Optimist Club of Yuma, Arizona

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions for the Board of Directors, please send to

Recommendation Form for Optimist International Office or Committee

2019-2020 International Vice Presidents
The eight Vice Presidents serve one-year terms.

Teri Davis
Northeast & Great Lakes Region
Optimist Club Of GREATER Rochester, New York

Russell Thomas
Southeast Region
Sawnee Optimist Club Of Cumming, GA

David Bowman
Mid Atlantic Region
Ft Smallwood, Md

Dwight Pollard
Middle America Region
Gateway Optimist Club of St. Louis, Missouri

Lyle Merriam
Great Plains Region
Regina-Downtowners, Sk

Tommy Don Crall, Jr.
Southwest Region
Bixby, OK

Mike Padilla
West Coast Region
Los Angeles-Pan American, Ca

Nathalie Boulet
St. Lawrence Region
Le Plateau, Mascouche , QC

2019-2020 International Committees
The International Committee Chairs and Members are appointed by the International President each year.

Sonia Anderson, Chair
Deanna Morrow
O’bryan Leighton
Mark Harris
Susan Armstrong
Amy Keller, Staff Liaisons
Sandy Williams, Board Liaison

Audit & Finance
Bob McFadyen, Chair
Gary Cross
Robert Doyle
James Pekny
Darshani Workman
Theresa Ovelgoenner, Staff Liaison
Mark Weinsoff, Board Liaison

Mike Goldman, Chair
Essie Johnson
James Patrick Schmidt, Chicago Host Area Co-Chair
Josh Zaidel, Chicago Host Area Co-Chair
Ronda Vaughn, Staff Liaison
Adrian Elcock, Board Liaison

Robert Doyle, Chair
Judy Boyd
Albert “Al” Clark
Thomas “Tom” Kendo
Steffi Swanson

Youth Clubs (Junior Optimist International)
Mark Claussen, Chair
Vicky Buteau
Donna Priester
Sean Mueller
Janet White

Junior Golf
Ken Garner, Chair
Lawson Headley
David Hodges
Richard "Rick" Quinlan
John Reel, Emeritus

Leadership Development
Tracy Huxley, Chair
Susan Fix
Pauline Langelier
Tracy Huxley
Patrick Prendergast
Venus Sanford

Marketing & Communications
Jim Oliver, Co-Chair
Diane Siefkes, Co-Chair
Meghan “Meg” Lewis
Ed Murphy
Brett Santacona
Nels Sorensen
Andre Therrien

Ginny Ricker, Chair
James "Jim" Adams
Lenor Cox
Lister Florence, Jr.
Carol Hodges
Kathleen Manchec
Dave Phillips
Thérèsa Tremblay
Dave Wilson

New Club Building
Sonia Anderson, Co-Chair
Luc Dubois, Co-Chair
David Chavez
AJ Cifuentes
Marino Garbin
Terry Gorman
Gail Headley
Essie Johnson
Dwight Phillips

Club Fitness Advisor
Daniel Rich, Chair
Esthermarie Hillman
Bob McFadyen
Deanna Morrow
James “Jim” Pekny
Larry Pelzer
Barb Scirto-Sullivan
Phil Turner

Pension Trustees
Harry Margo, Chair
Benny Ellerbe
Theodore "Ted" Gaffin
Guy Templin

Convention Committees
Candidate Qualifications
Ron Huxley, Chair
Dave Bruns
Bob Floyd
Ken Garner
Jim Kondrasuk
Raymond Michaud
Marlene Phillips
Dana Thomas, Staff Liaison

Sue Creswell, Chair
Kevin Ailara
Sylvain Couturier
Sylvie Couturier
Susan “Sue” Kranz
Karen Monville