International Board of Directors

John Doe

Current Optimist Club(s)

Optimist Club of St. Louis, Missouri
Optimist Club of Clayton, Missouri

Other Optimist Clubs you belonged to in the past:

Optimist Club of Kirkwood, Missouri

Date you first joined an Optimist Club:


Year(s) you were a Club President:

Year(s) you were a Lieutenant Governor:

Year(s) you were a District Governor:

International Offices or positions you have held:

Optimist Awards achieved:


1.  What are your primary qualifications for this office?

2.  Why should a Club vote for you?

3.  (VP-Elect candidates) What specific things will you do to help the Clubs and Districts in your Region?
(Board and Pres.-Elect Candidates)  As an Optimist International Board member, or Optimist International   President, what specific things will you work to achieve for the good of the organization?

4.  Anything else you would like to say to Clubs. 




International President-Elect

David Bruns

International Board of Directors

Judy Boyd
Don Brose
Sue Creswell
Adrian Elcock
Esthermarie Hillman

International Vice President-Elect

Great Plains
Mark Claussen

Mid Atlantic
Barbara Timmons

Middle America
Robert Floyd

Northeast & Great Lakes
Ann Donkers

James Adams

Albert Clark

St. Lawrence
Luc Dubois

West Coast
Charlie Pease