Optimist International Junior Golf Championships
Scoring Policy

The following scoring policy will be in use for the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships:

Scorecards must be returned to the scoring room as soon as possible after completion of a round. All players in a group must come to the scoring area together and remain there until all scorecards for that group have been checked by the Committee.

The marker is appointed by the Committee to record a competitor’s score for each hole of the round. He/she should check the score with the competitor at the completion of each hole and resolve any differences at that time. Upon completion of the round, the marker must sign the scorecard and hand it to the competitor.

The competitor should check his score for each hole and resolve any doubtful points with the Committee and his marker and fellow competitors. He must ensure the marker has signed the scorecard, sign it himself, and hand it to the Committee. The scorecard is considered “returned” when the competitor has left the scoring area without the scorecard (unless authorized by the Committee).

Subsequently, Committee officials may initiate a review of a competitors score. Competitors or outside agencies may request a review, but must present such a request, and the facts surrounding the reason for the request, in writing and signed with a legible signature to the Tournament Director.  

Failure to follow this scoring policy may result in penalties under the Rules of Golf and/or administrative action including withdrawal of entry and/or denial of future entry.