Optimist International Featured Club Projects

The Featured Club Projects page has been established to highlight the projects of local Optimist Clubs that are successful in several different ways. The Clubs that conduct these projects, activities, programs and fundraisers demonstrate excellence in Member activation, marketing & public relations, fundraising, Membership recruitment and community involvement.

Community Resources – Featuring endorsed, national and regional organizations that offer service resources and/or partnering opportunities to Optimists, listed by geographical location

Clubs/Members are encouraged to review the listings and communicate directly with the designated contact representative for any organization, resource or Club provided in the Resource Library.

The Resource Library is an ongoing work in progress, with information updated on a regular basis.

Clubs that would like to submit an activity/program or fundraising project or recommend a community resource organization for consideration for inclusion in the Resource Library can contact the Programs Department at programs@optimist.org or (800) 500-8130, ext. 235. The Programs Department will send the appropriate submission form for your Club to fill out in order to initiate the evaluation process.

Club activities/programs/projects will only be listed if the submitting Club agrees to allow the contact information of the project’s coordinating Member to be listed on the Resource Library site.

Community organizations nominated for inclusion must provide a service scope large enough to cover an entire state, province, country and/or District.