Optimist Leadership Academy

The Optimist Leadership Academy is a full day training session usually held just before or just after the International Convention is completed. The training focuses on developing high-level Leadership skills.

The Optimist Leadership Academy (OLA) is a joint project between the Leadership Development Committee and the Candidate Qualifications committee and was designed to recognize Members for their leadership skills and to develop future leaders for our organization.

Each year in February, Members who have been recognized as either a Distinguished Club President or a Distinguished Lt. Governor in the prior year or a Member who has been recommended by either a Vice President, Vice President-Elect, OI Board Member, Governor or Governor-Elect are invited to submit an application and an essay. This information goes to a Committee comprised of members from both the Candidate Qualifications and Leadership Development Committees that chooses the Candidates for the next Leadership Academy. The only other commitment that OLA members are asked to complete is to recommend other potential candidates to be considered for the Leadership Academy.

If you are one of “the best of the best” or know someone who is, please make a recommendation to leadership@optimist.org. If you need further information, please contact the Leadership Development department at Optimist International at leadership@optimist.org

Leadership Academy Application