Optimist International Youth Sports Coaches and Parent Training

Optimist International has teamed up with Coaching Coaches, LLC, to provide Optimist Clubs with access to the highly acclaimed Coaching Coaches online training programs for both volunteer coaches and parents who have children participating in youth sports. Optimist International is providing this service to its Clubs in order to elevate its standards in working with youth sports participants.

The selection of the Coaching Coaches training programs will not only help further educate its coaches and parents, but will help provide all children participating in an Optimist-sponsored program the best sporting experience possible. Education is the key to growth and Coaching Coaches prides itself on positively effecting change through a more educated coach and parent.

Bill Bommarito, President of Coaching Coaches, LLC said: “I am proud and thrilled about this new relationship with Optimist International. Together, we have set a new standard for how our children are coached and supported when playing youth sports. Optimist International is setting the bar on a national scale for how a youth sports program is positively delivered.”

The online coach’s training is filled with insightful tactics and strategies that will help any volunteer coach deliver an even more effective youth sports program.

Individual Coach Registration
(Individual coach pays upon registration) $24.95 US per coach

Club Registration for Multiple Coaches
(Club pays for coaches as a group) $22.95 US per coach
Parent Program
The online parent program is just as important as educating coaches. The parents complete the successful triangle of: child, coach and parent. The parents have a very specific role in youth sports and the Coaching Coaches, LLC online parent program provides an abundance of informative parental insight which will assist any program in delivering the best sporting experience possible.

Individual Parent Registration
(Individual parent pays upon registration) $12.95 US per family

For more information or answers to any questions you may have, please contact Coaching Coaches.