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8 • The Optimist

A New Look for Optimism

If you visited the Optimist International website recently, you may have noticed the enhancements that have been made. The website now has a fresh, updated look to make both Members and visitors feel welcome.

A slider of images associated with important Optimist topics such as membership, programs and youth Clubs has been added to the main pages. The images can be clicked on for more information on the various topics. Social media icons and links are now included in the header of every page, to make following the organization and communicating with other Members easy.

Now when visitors go to, they can choose to go to the ‘Join Us’ section with basic

information about the organization and details on how to become an Optimist or Friend of Optimists. They will not have to navigate their way through information that while helpful to Members, may seem confusing to visitors unfamiliar with the organization.

Optimists can go to a special

Members section. The website still features an incredible amount of information and resources, but users have more options upfront so they can fnd what they are looking for quickly.

Another great new feature is automatic display adjusting. The new website will accommodate various desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone screen sizes. Visitors will be able to easily view and utilize the website from any device.

Please take some time to look around and become familiar with the new site. If you are unable to locate a piece of information, use the “Search” function, or feel free to contact (800)500-81 for assistance.

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills at a Summit

Optimist International is proud to introduce its 2015 Leadership Summits. If you

attended a Summit last year or if you were unable to, you will not want to miss one of the upcoming events! The agenda will include new topics and updated information to make you and your Club successful.

Every Member and even non-Optimists are invited to participate in this exciting program developed for Optimist leaders, leaders of volunteer or charitable organizations, business owners, corporate managers, department heads, and front-line employees. This intense, one-day training experience will provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead a relevant and thriving organization.

Each Summit will include energetic and inspiring trainers that will provide training and skill building exercises designed to help each participant become a better leader and improve the operation of their business or organization.

More information will be included in future publications and on the Optimist website. Attend a 2015 Leadership Summit to bring out your best leader!

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