Childhood Cancer Campaign
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Did you know that each year more than 12,000 children and teenagers will be diagnosed with cancer? Did you also know that one in every 330 Americans develops cancer before the age of 20? Due to statistics such as these, Optimist Clubs are encouraged to participate in this program by building awareness of the disease, providing assistance to childhood cancer patients and their families and supporting research to find a cure.

The CCC program model is built to accentuate four areas of service on which Members can focus:
  • Support to children diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer
  • Support to families and care partners of children with cancer
  • Support to health care and service providers
  • Support for cancer research

For more in-depth CCC information, read the CCC Planning Guide.

Taking Steps Toward a Cure
Optimist International will be hosting an organization-wide walk to promote childhood cancer awareness and raise much needed funds. All Clubs are asked to sponsor a CCC Walk during June, Optimist International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This show of unified support will demonstrate the organization's mission to "be the leading force to rid the world of childhood cancer."

Optimist Cancer Research Initiative with Johns Hopkins
Optimist International has met a $1 million commitment to fund an Endowed Research Fellowship at Johns Hopkins. During the 2011-12 Optimist year, a new pledge of $500,000 was made to Johns Hopkins in the new Cure Childhood Cancer Campaign.

The Childhood Cancer Campaign's mission statement is: "Optimist International shall be the leading force to rid the world of childhood cancer." Clubs are asked to donate funds restricted to CCC Research to play an important role in finding the cure.

How to Help
To donate funds to research at Johns Hopkins, please send donations to:
Optimist International Foundation
Attn: Childhood Cancer Campaign
4494 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

For more in-depth CCC information, read the CCC Planning Guide.

In the video below, a young cancer survivor talks about what Optimist International's contributions to Johns Hopkins have meant to her personally.

Matching Grants
The Matching Grants program is open to Optimist Clubs and Districts to complete and submit an application requesting assistance with various CCC projects and fundraisers. The application is reviewed by the CCC Advisory Panels and a determination is made. Grants are awarded to Clubs and Districts that raise money or provide additional funds for the CCC-focused project. For information about the matching grants progam, contact the Optimist International Foundation by sending an e-mail to or by calling (800) 500-8130.

CCC at Every Level
The CCC program is designed for Member involvement on the Club, Zone and District levels. Each Club and District is asked to appoint a CCC Chair. All CCC Club materials are also applicable to Junior Optimist International Members. Program materials and CCC resources can be accessed through this website by clicking on the links or by contacting the Programs Department.

For more in-depth CCC information, read the CCC Planning Guide.