Dues Structure
Effective October 1, 2018
The dues and fees below are effective through September 30, 2019. To review a breakdown of fees by quarter and by month, please click here.

Dues and fees for 2018-2019 Year

Each Optimist Club is responsible for paying dues for every Member of the Club in an amount based on the economic standing of the country in which it resides.
  Regular Members
Annual Amount in U.S. Dollars
College Members
Annual Amount in U.S. Dollars
Developed Countries $65.41 $23.05
Developing Countries $34.01 $14.05

For each Life Member enrolled, a Club pays annual dues of $26.

New Member processing fee: $15 (U.S.) for regular Members and $5 (U.S.) for college Members.

Life Membership fee is $480.70 (U.S.) effective October 1, 2017.

Note on Dues: $1.00 (U.S.) is returned to the Districts

Optimist International’s dues structure for Clubs is based on the designation of the United Nation’s and categorized into either Developed or Developing Countries. As of October 1, 2017, the following countries in which Optimist Clubs exist are classified as follows:

Developed Countries
United States

Developing Countries
Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Russian Federation
Saint Lucia

International Development Pilot Program

Developing Countries In Africa, Asia, Central and South America fall under the Pilot program approved by the Board of Directors at the International Convention in Quebec City in July of 2016. This program calls for the development of Optimists Clubs in these areas with a dues structure of $10 US per member and an annual affiliation fee of $225 US.

The following countries have Optimist Clubs organized under the pilot program.

Other Special Dues Programs

The Board of Directors in the Spring of 2017 approved a pilot program for College based clubs. Dues are $10 per member and there is a $100 annual affiliation fee

The Board of Directors in September of 2017 approved a pilot program for clubs involving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dues are $10 per member and there is a $225 affiliation fee.