International Candidate Qualifications Committee Announces Its Nominees

February 24, 2015

The Optimist International CQ Committee has announced that it has nominated the following individuals for International office in 2015-16. Please note that the deadline for self-nominations for President-Elect, At Large Board Director-Elect, and Vice President-Elect is April 1. Qualified candidates who are properly nominated on or before April 1, 2015 will also be added to the slate of officers to be placed into nomination for online voting.

President-Elect Nominee:

Jim Kondrasuk (Southern Wisconsin)
Vice Presidents-Elect Nominees:
Region 1 Northeast & Great Lakes - George Clarke (Central Ontario)
Region 2 Mid-Atlantic - Lawrence Kelley (North Carolina West)
Region 3 Great Plains - Susan Fix (Dakotas-Manitoba-Minnesota)
Region 4 West Coast - Bill French (Pacific Northwest)
Region 5 Southeast - Daniel Rich (North Florida)
Region 6 Middle America - Charles Davis (Ohio)
Region 7 Southwest – Venus Sanford (New Mexico-West Texas)
Region 8 St. Lawrence - Jean Paquet (Quebec East-North Shore)
Board Director at Large Nominees (listed in alphabetical order):
Rebecca Butler-Mona (Iowa)
Adrian Elcock (Caribbean)