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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You . . . The Optimist Summits

While Optimists are always concerned with bringing out the best in children, there are numerous other things on their minds.

Countless details go into the planning and execution of a fundraiser or community service project. Club meetings have to be organized and speakers have to be scheduled. If you are looking for one event that has it all and can help you become a better Member, then the Optimist Summits are the answer!

Here is a list of the top reasons you should attend.

Training for Every Optimist

Each of the 16 sessions will offer training for all Optimists! The Summits are specially designed to provide information and helpful instruction that will be of interest and use to every Member.

“The most appealing aspect of these sessions is they have something for everyone,” said Ken Garner, International President-Elect. “It is vital that all Members receive the training they need to help them make a dif ference in their communities. Everyone who attends the Summits will learn things to help them grow personally and as Optimists.”

All New Content

The Summits will offer all new content presented by Certifed International Trainers (CITs). Even if you have attended training at the International convention or a District meeting, there is plenty to learn while attending the Optimist Summits. This training will help you recruit new Members, publicize your Club and ser ve more children in your community.

“The training agendas for the Summits cover a variety of topics and approach them in new ways. Even if a Member considers themselves to be an expert on a topic, they will be able to expand their knowledge. If a Member is unfamiliar with one of the topics,

they’ll pick up new information to beneft their Club,” said Paula Reyling, Certifed International Trainer and Chair of the Leadership Development Committee.

Summit Training Topics Include:

Secrets to a Dynamic Club

What Makes a Good Club Meeting?

Club Activity & Fundraising Ideas

Activating a Member

Bringing Out the Best inMORE Kids (Optimist International Programs)

Club Publicity

Optimist International Foundation

Growth = Service

Recruiting/Engaging Members

Opportunities in Leadership

Especially For Board Members

NOW Programs

The Ultimate Community Service - Building a New Club


The registration fee for each of the Summits is only $25 and that includes lunch. This is a great value for a day of instruction from professional trainers, as well as discussion with other Members and the International President.

“The intention was to make the training affordable for everyone. This allows Members to attend a Summit, as well as their District meetings or the International Convention. They don’t have to choose,” said Nick Prillaman, Certifed International Trainer. “You are not going to fnd a training session of this caliber for such a low cost anywhere else.”

Geographically Accessible

The Summits have been strategically scheduled across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The locations were

chosen so Optimist Members would be able to drive to a training session and return home in the same day. This makes attending the Summits convenient and eliminates the need for housing costs.

“The choice of which Optimist events to attend can be a diffcult one. Location is often a determining factor. The Summits eliminate that concern because there is one close to every Optimist,” said Sue Creswell, Certifed International Trainer.

Register Now

You can reserve your spot to attend one of the Summits today! For more information, please visit

Have Questions?

Contact the Leadership Development department by calling 800-500-8130 or e-mailing

(Atlanta) Photo courtesy of Duckworth

(Dallas) Photo courtesy of DCVB/Clay Coleman

(Charlotte) Photo courtesy of Visit Charlotte

Page 9 - Full English Winter Magazine

This is a SEO version of Full English Winter Magazine. Click here to view full version

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