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Winter 2014 • 11 10 • The Optimist

Put Your Optimism on Display...

The second annual Club video contest asks Members to answer “the greatest thing about being an Optimist is…” There are hundreds of ways to finish that sentence and there are no wrong answers! Just film a shor t YouTube style video with a smar tphone or handheld camera to show what is impor tant to you and your Club.

This contest is co-sponsored by Optimist International and the Optimist International Foundations. The grand prize is a $1,000 Club grant and all Clubs that submit a video are entered into a drawing for a $250 grant. All grants are generously funded by the Optimist International Foundations. Star t filming your entr y today!

PGI Level VII Recipients

Margaret Allen NYNE Pat Behn OH George Breadon SWIS Thomas Brumbeloe GA George Cox SC Lola Cumbo AC Marino Garbin SC Charles Hayworth NFL Tracy Huxley SWONT

Linda Ingersoll MI Scott Kaplan NFL Rebecca Kelly NE Robert Kluge NE Thaddeus Smith AC Albert Still GA Russ Thomas GA Jim Thompson AC Duane Ullman STX

PGI Level X Recipients

Daniel Durham NCE Carol Hodges STX Sandi Holstein INDS Joey Richardson GA Mary Still GA Jim Thompson AC

Deadline for submissions:

March 15

Entries will be judged based on:

• Original content • Creativity • Composition

• Extent to which the topic question was answered

For further details:


twitter: @optimistorg and @optimistcanada



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The following Optimists submitted their requirements for achieving Levels VII and X of the Personal Growth and Involvement Program between July 24 and October 30, 2013.

Optimists > > > Move Forward > > > in Development Program

We have a new Facebook cover to celebrate reaching 5,000 Likes!

News & Views


Optimist International at a Glance

Membership: 90,062*

Total Clubs: 3,113*

Founded: June 19, 1919 *As of December 3, 2013, figure includes JOOI Clubs

Certified Club Builder and Field Representative Certification

Optimist International will be holding a Certifed Club Builder and Field Representative certifcation course for volunteers who wish to hold these designations. Applicants must have built at least one Optimist Club prior to taking the course. The training will be conducted at the Optimist International headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Certifed Club Builders are Optimist volunteers who are trained to build new Clubs using a variety of methods and mentor other volunteers on the process of New Club Building. Certifed Club Builders can be requested from Optimist International by Districts to

aid in New Club Building ef forts. Training will consist of classroom-style learning, as well as hands-on work on an actual New Club Building ef for t. This training will be two all-day sessions conducted on April 25 and 26.

Field Representatives are authorized ambassadors of Optimist International who conduct the offcial organizational meeting when a new Club forms. Training will consist of learning the rules and procedures for bringing in new Clubs. This portion of the course will be held on April 27 from 8am – 12pm.

Interested in taking this course?

Contact the New Club Building department at or at 800-500-8130 ext. 226.

Page 8 - Full English Winter Magazine

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