October 4, 2010
Only at the PDCs

This fall, Club Presidents who attend the PDCs will be invited to sit down with 2010-2011 International President Danny Rodgers. They will have the chance to ask questions, voice concerns and share their ideas. Take advantage of this special opportunity! Register for a PDC at www.optimist.org/pdc!

Time to clean house

The countdown is on. With just a couple of weeks left in the Optimist year, it is time to clean out your e-mails! After September 30, all e-mail boxes will be emptied and new boxes will be established for the incoming officers. This applies to all offices, even if someone is holding the same office this year and next year. Please make sure to forward any important messages to a different e-mail account by September 30. Once the new year rolls around, there’s no turning back!
Get your CPA materials today!

Community Projects Awards materials are available on both the Optimist and Optimist Leaders websites.

At www.optimistleaders.org, Optimists can click on the “Clubs” tab and scroll down to “Programs Resource Materials.”
On the main Optimist website, Optimists can just go directly to www.optimist.org/cpa.

Please note that the Project Story form allows Optimists to type their answers on pages 1 and 3. However, the answers cannot be saved, so be sure to print off the form after completing it. On page 2 of the form is a list of questions that can be answered on separate sheets of paper.

Don’t forget that September 30 is the deadline to submit entries to your District for judging!