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Marketing Tips

If you've ever tried to publicize a Club event, you know it can be hit or miss. It is important to
communicate the good work your Club is doing, but sometimes you receive publicity and sometimes you don’t. Perseverance is key. And as an Optimist, you know never to give up – the hard work will eventually pay off!

A Few Reasons to Keep Publicizing:

  • By letting the media know the kind of work your Club does, you can let your community actually see how overall Optimist goals are translated into action.

  • If your Club is seeking new Members, a photo of an Optimist Club event in a community newspaper, website or social network may give a civic-minded citizen the notion to contact a co-worker or friend he or she knows is involved in your Club.

  • Remember that prospective Member your Club has been wooing for the past few months? Maybe they never knew that the Oratorical Contest their niece won last year has been a long-standing Optimist Club project. The realization that they could get involved in projects of such importance may weigh heavily in his membership decision.

  • Through repeated listings in community calendars and post-event photos and videos of Club activities, your Club can increase its local profile, which can lead to different charitable involvement and potential partnerships with area businesses.

  • Finally, don’t forget that marketing efforts can also benefit your Club internally. Nothing inspires an Optimist more than to hear that friends and co-workers are talking about Sunday’s community festival. Think how your Club Members would react if they were recognized for putting together a successful event.

  • A Few Ways to Get Your Club’s Name Out in the Community
    Marketing goes far beyond the media. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways to get your Optimist Club noticed.

      Social MediaSocial networking websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter provide Optimist Clubs will new ways to broadcast information about upcoming events, fundraisers and positive messages. These free resources allow Clubs to promote their great work on a daily or weekly basis.

      NewspapersThe best way to secure media coverage is through press releases to your local newspapers. Newspapers allow you to communicate more information than do radio and TV stations.

      Radio PSAsOptimist International has radio public service announcements (PSAs) available that you can give to local radio stations. These PSAs cover specific Optimist programs, as well as general information about what Optimist Clubs do.

      Cable TV If your community has a local cable television company, contact them about putting your message on their local access channel.

      Libraries – Do Members of your Club recieve multiple copies of The Optimist magazine? Consider giving those extra copies of to your local library. Attach a card or sticker with contact information for your Club.

      Welcome kits – Many communities have “welcome kits” that are given to all new residents. These kits contain promotional material from local businesses and organizations. See if you can get a flyer about your Club in there, too.

      Colleges – Many colleges and universities have internal cable TV and radio stations, and internal publications that reach students, staff and faculty.

      Community Events – Participate in local parades, fairs, sports tournaments and holiday celebrations. Wear your Optimist pin, display your banner, and give handouts at a booth directing potential Members to your Club website or social media page.

      Community Bulletin Boards – Many businesses, coffee shops or local restaurants have community bulletin boards where they encourage citizens to post information about volunteer opportunities, fundraisers or activities that encourage community involvement.

      Official Proclamations – Local, state and even federal officials will many times issue a proclamation for a special event or anniversary. Many Clubs, for instance, get the mayor to proclaim June as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

      Billboards – Billboard companies must frequently carry messages by nonprofit organizations as a public service. You will have to pay for printing the billboard message, but the cost of displaying the sign is free.

      Club Business Cards – Print special Optimist Club business cards with your meeting time and place, Club website, social media information, contact name and phone number. Distribute them to friends and co-workers or at community events.