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Optimists help youth in countless ways. Here are just a few testimonies from kids who have experienced the work of Optimists firsthand.

I participated in a Kids Speak Out contest that helped me build confidence in my ability to present in front of a crowd. I like to share my ideas but always get nervous that no one else will like them. The Optimists who worked with me gave me tips so I can tell my thoughts to the audience.
I am a junior golfer who has played in a few Optimist tournaments. You know what the cool thing is? I’ve discovered that I learn about more than just golf. I also learn to maintain focus and concentration on and off the green. Golf is a game where you score yourself, so you have to practice integrity on the course and in life.
I participated in the Optimist Youth Safety program. I am a skater, and I think it’s pretty cool that adults take an interest in what I like to spend my time doing. After school, I go to the skate park and practice moves just like I did before, but now I wear knee, elbow and wrist guards.
I am part of the CCDHH program that my community’s local Optimist Club hosts every year. Last year, I was runner-up to my best friend, John. The Optimists believe that we should be “just as enthusiastic about the success of others as we are about our own.” I like that. Although I didn’t win, I was really excited for John because I know he worked hard, too … and there’s always next year.

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Each year millions of youth like Ryan, Sarah, Claire and Philip are positively impacted by an Optimist Club. If you are interested in helping to "Bring Out the Best in Kids," click here.