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Community Projects Awards (CPA)

The CPA program has gone digital! Binders and entry books are outdated and the program has been updated to encourage participation, streamline the submission process and provide the best possible resource for Clubs looking for newproject ideas.

The CPA Rules have been revised for the 2011-2012 year to better meet the goals of the program. The Project Story and Judging Sheet are available here. Please make sure that your Club uses the new forms when completing an entry.

The Community Projects Awards (CPA) Program is an annual competition that recognizes Clubs for their community service, youth and fund-raising activities.

Click here for the 2009-2010 international winners and for a list of potential project ideas.

Click here for profiles of successful programs that various Optimist Clubs have developed. Program ideas can also be found on the Online Resource Library by clicking here.

The Community Projects Awards program is intended to:

  • Encourage significant community-serving activities, which enhance the image of the Club and Optimist International.
  • Aid Optimist International in acquiring information on outstanding Club projects for the guidance of other Clubs seeking similar community-serving opportunities.
  • Give the Club a reference that can be used in the future as a guide for the organization of a similar activity.
  • Stimulate membership involvement in meaningful Club activities, thereby providing maximum opportunity for individual participation and enhancing the desirability of membership.
  • Provide recognition to Clubs for outstanding projects that fulfill the objectives of Optimist International.
The following 2011-2012 CPA categories are endorsed by the Activities Committee in order to sufficiently acknowledge the wide array of youth and community projects completed by Clubs each year. Refer to the CPA Rules for assistance. You may request guidance from the Programs Department at the International Office by calling (800) 500-8130 or e-mailing programs@optimist.org.

Community Service - Creative projects organized to serve and support youth and the community. For example, blood drives, Respect for Law awards, tree planting, mentoring, adopting a family stricken with cancer, safety demonstrations, Youth Appreciation banquets and baseball leagues would be included in this category. Be creative and find out what best fits the needs of your community!

Fundraising - Innovative, fun activities that are planned and completed for the primary purpose of fundraising should be entered in this category. While the funds raised may be used for a Club program or donated to another organization, any project conducted for the purpose of raising funds should be submitted in the Fundraising category. Enter your Club’s bowl-a-thon, boat regatta, chili cookout or carnival. Creativity is key!

Clubs may submit entries on CD only.

The official rules for a CPA entry can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Project Story is available by clicking here. The questions on the form should be answered in the video clip entry. Be as detailed as possible. The budget should be tailored to meet the Club’s project.

Club entries should be submitted directly to Optimist International by December 15.

For the judging sheet that will be used in the International-level judging, please click here.

Publicize Your Club’s CPA Win at the International Level
Optimist International has developed a basic news release that Clubs can use to announce their project as a CPA winner at the International level. Below are sample news releases that Clubs can use to promote this honor. Please note that the .doc version enables users to type their information into fields*, while the .pdf files are for viewing only.

Community Projects Award Winner (.doc)
Community Projects Award Winner (.pdf)

*If your Optimist Club or District wishes to use its own letterhead, you can remove the Optimist International logo in the document by opening up the Word document, going to “View,” then “Toolbars” and selecting “Forms.” When the “Forms” toolbar appears, click on the padlock, then click on the Optimist logo and delete it. For those using Microsoft Office 2007, click on the Microsoft Office button in the upper left corner, go to “Word options” and then select the box next to “Show the Developer tab in the Ribbon” and click “OK.” Above the document, click the “Developer” tab and then click on the “Protect Document” drop-down menu. Click on “Restrict Formatting and Editing.” At the bottom of the new window to the right, click the “Stop Protection” button.