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Watch the 2013 International Convention Business Sessions
Watch the Business Sessions of the 95th Optimist International Convention by clicking here.

Results of Bylaws Voting
To view the results of the bylaw amendments from the 2013 Optimist International Convention, click here.

Protect Your Members Against Abuse and Molestation Charges
Optimist International’s Club liability insurance offers optional abuse and molestation liability defense coverage for Members accused of abuse and molestation. To protect from financial loss due to plaintiff judgments, Optimist International has made this abuse and molestation coverage available for purchase by Clubs.

United States and Caribbean Clubs can apply for this special coverage by following this two-step process:

  • Contact Praesidium at (800) 743-6354
    for a review of your Club and Loss
    Prevention certification. Clubs can visit
    for further details.

  • After certification, apply for abuse
    coverage. Contact Marsh U.S. Consumer at
    (800) 503-9227 and ask for the Abuse or
    Molestation Liability Insurance application.

For more information about all of Optimist International’s Club and Member insurance coverage, click here.

Changes in the Honor/Distinguished Club Awards Program
Due to financial restraints, the Optimist International Board of Directors has voted to remove the monetary incentive from the International Awards program. The $100 credit for Honor Club and $250 credit for Distinguished Club achievement will no longer be available.

All other Honor Club requirements and recognition remain the same.

Promote Your Club's Website
If your Club has a website, please make sure Optimist International knows about it. The organization would like to have links to all Club websites. This helps active Members as well as potential Members in your area.

To find out if your Club's website has been reported, look under "Members" and click on "Club/District directory." Find your District name, your Zone and then look for your Club's name and number. If your website has been reported, there will be a house icon next to the Club's name.

If you would like to report your Club's website, please send the information to communications@optimist.org.

E-mail Box Assistance
If you wish to change your e-mail password, just go to "Account Options" and then "Change Password." You will need to enter the old password once and your new password twice and then click "Save."

Lose your password?

There is a password recovery function on the logon page on optimistleaders.org Members can enter their personal e-mail address and request a password for the Optimist leaders website and Optimistmail.

As long as your personal e-mail address is registered with Optimist International, a password e-mail can be sent to you.

Connect with Optimists
Please join Optimist International on Facebook by liking the page at: www.facebook.com/optimist.international.

Stop by and share what’s happening in your Club or send a positive message across the organization. We hope to hear from you soon.

Renew Your Friends Today
Friends of Optimists have an annual renewal type membership based on the particular date that Friend joined. Maintaining a relationship with your Friends over the course of the year is important to communicating why their support assists your Club in “bringing out the best in kids” in your local community.

Connecting to Friends by newsletter, telephone call or participation in a service project will develop a relationship beyond handing over a check. Your Friends support your Club, and they most likely want to continue that support. It’s easier for them to do that if you show them why.

In the next couple of months, nearly 800 Friends will want to renew their membership with your Club. Make that process convenient for them: arrange for a meeting and buy them a coffee. Ask them to join your Club in a service project. Show them you appreciate their support.

Friends are called Friends for a reason. The language of friendship is not words, but meanings. Create meanings out of your Friends. Renew your Friends today!

Become a Friend of Optimists
Individuals, businesses or organizations can show their support of Optimist International by becoming a Friends of Optimists. Friend Members receive The Optimist magazine and a Friend of Optimists window decal they can display in their car or store front window. Sign up to become a Friend of Optimist online.

Thanks to all Optimists for the feedback, and please keep the questions and comments coming! Just e-mail communications@optimist.org.


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