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Club Activities - Joint Projects with a JOOI Club or Youth Organization
Involves Clubs that have conducted community service, youth or fundraising activities with Junior Octagon, Junior Optimist or Alpha Clubs, or other community-based youth groups or organizations. Leadership training and development programs targeted at enriching youth are included in this category.

Noon Optimist Club of Norfolk (10077) - Nebraska District
Kids Helping Kids Through JOOI Improv
The Norfolk JOOI Improv Team uses improvisational theater as a health promotional tool to educate their peers and younger students on a variety of topics that affect their lives (ex. bullying, teasing, harassment, etc.) The team, made up of 11 young Optimists, gave 16 performances in eight schools from October through April. They provide an opportunity for school-age children to learn important skills from role models around their own age. Two Members of the adult Club serve as the team’s advisers. The Club also helps support the team’s presentations and training efforts.

Project Contact: Mark Claussen
Norfolk Public Schools
512 Philip Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 371-2036

Optimist Club of St John’s (78456) - Caribbean District
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going – Best Overall Project 2003-2004
In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan devastated the island of Grenada, leaving 90% of the housing damaged. The Club decided to organize a project that would provide immediate relief to people in Grenada by collecting food, water and other items to be sent to storm victims. Four large supermarkets were asked if the Club could establish a collection point in front of the store. JOOI Members assisted in the collections and approached shoppers for donations. All items were taken to the Grenada/Antigua Association, which worked with the Red Cross and secured transportation to Grenada. Three days later, a Club Member made a personal trip to Grenada with supplies. She ensured that Optimists in Grenada received some of the relief items and distributed care packages to airport staff. The Club addressed a genuine need and truly made an impact in the lives of people in need.

Project Contact: Barbara A. Arrindell
PO Box 2883
St. John’s, Antigua
(268) 773-7396

Noon Optimist Club of Norfolk (10077) - Nebraska District
Operation Christmas Tree
This project provided 32 Christmas trees, decorations and stands to families who might otherwise go without one during the holiday season. A letter was sent to a variety of social service agencies seeking referrals through the month of November. A follow-up letter was sent to each referred family to give them the details of the tree delivery. On delivery day, adult and JOOI Members trimmed the trees and then delivered them. Members of the JOOI Club provided cookies and milk for the children of the families that received trees.

Project Contact: Mark Claussen
504 Emerald Drive
Norfolk, NE 68701-5475
(402) 371-2036

Optimist Club of Camarillo – Noontime (14184) - Pacific Southwest District
Tall Ship Cruise
The Camarillo Noontime Club provided a three-day sailing adventure for 20 Members of their JOOI Club. The youth were assigned crewmember responsibilities and trained in many shipboard tasks, including line handling, working the sails, watch standing and seamanship. After the cruise, a potluck dinner was held for participating JOOI Members and their parents, so they could share stories about their trip. The local newspaper published press releases concerning the event, which publicized both Clubs.

Project Contact: Joyce Amer
3976 Parron St.
Camarillo, CA 93010
feamer@msn.com (write “Tall Ship” or Optimist in subject line)

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