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Club Activities - Citizenship

Projects/resources with the intent of enhancing citizenship, civic responsibility and government involvement. For example, Respect for Law awards, flag displays, mock trials, voter registration drives, youth-in-government days, community forums and scouts are included in this category.

Arkansas City Optimist Club (37001) - Kansas District
Kids Voting Kansas
The purpose of this project was to teach students the merits of participating in a democratic society, develop lifetime citizenship and voting habits in youth and increase adult voter turnout. The Club initiated the project by developing interest within the local school board and administration. A committee was established in conjunction with the school board and the Chamber of Commerce to organize a candidate’s debate, the production of voting booths, registration forms and voting ballots to get youth involved with the electoral process. The middle and high school staff conducted courses on the democratic process and voting. A vote counting party was held with refreshments and the results were announced. The local newspaper was involved throughout the project by printing the ballots, running a story by the Chamber of Commerce president and writing a wrap-up story and printing the results of the election.

Project Contact: Clay Randel
1326 North D St.
Arkansas City, KS 67005
(620) 442-8447

Alexandria Sunrise Optimist Club (16195) – Capital-Virginia District
Good Government Studies Program
In the fall, the Club provided high school American government teachers with a packet of materials titled “Careers in the Federal Service” to use as a supplement to their coursework. The packet included positive readings on civil service designed to “promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs” in students. The primary purpose of the project was to encourage the best and brightest high school students to follow the civil service career path. Each school was asked to select an outstanding and well-rounded student of government who showed special interest in federal employment to receive recognition from the Optimists. In April, awards were given to four students based on character, leadership, scholarship and citizenship.

Project Contact: Thomas Worsley
6317 Golf Course Square
Alexandria, VA 22307
(703) 765-9362

Optimist Club of Downtown Corpus Christi (06050) - South Central Texas District
Gloving You for Protecting Us
The Club realized several of their JOOI Members’ parents were law enforcement officials. They decided the distribution of reflective traffic gloves would be a great way to support the safety of local officers. The Club contacted a local vendor and arranged to purchase gloves at a discounted price. The two participating JOOI Clubs took the challenge to raise half the money and the Optimist Foundation of Downtown Corpus Christi agreed to match the amount and cover additional costs. A “You Gotta Glove It” walkathon was held. Corpus Christi’s mayor, the sheriffs of three counties, the chiefs of police of local military establishments and the Port of Corpus Christi were invited to a luncheon. The JOOI Members presented the gloves to the law enforcement representatives. TV stations, newspaper reporters and local politicians were invited.

Project Contact: John Dubois
5232 Clear Fork Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78410
(361) 884-9966

Project Contact: Mike Edwards
6401 Suwanee Circle
Corpus Christi, TX 78413
(361) 225-2380

Optimist Club of North Buncombe (44324) - North Carolina West District
Gold Card Program
The Club has established a special Gold Card Committee of Members who organize the project. At the start of each school year, the committee contacts each area school principal. The Club provides “Gold Cards” to the teachers and other workers at the school to reward students who show changes in their attitude, work habits or citizenship. The teacher keeps the card’s stub and places it into a drum for prize drawings that are held periodically at each school. The Club provides the funding for the prizes, which is based on the number of students at each individual school. The goal of the project is to make students aware of the good they can do and the difference they can make when they improve their personal attitudes and relationships with their peers.

Project Contact: Doris Deaver-Williams
463 Weaverville Hwy
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 645-3218

Optimist Club of Corpus Christi – Downtown (06050) - South Central Texas District
Bear With Me
The city of Corpus Christi has the highest incidence of spousal and child abuse in the United States. The Optimist Club’s mission was to provide teddy bears for law enforcement officials to give to children who witnessed or were victimized by this type of violence. The Club contacted their JOOI Clubs and the Optimist Foundation of Corpus Christi agreed to match whatever funds the Clubs raised for the project. The JOOI Clubs held a “Bear With Me” walkathon. Wal-Mart agreed to sell the bears at cost and the Club purchased 360 bears. TV stations, the newspaper and local politicians were invited to the presentation of the teddy bears to the police and sheriff’s department. The project strengthened the relationship between the Clubs and the local law enforcement agencies.

Project Contact: Mike Edwards
6401 Suwannee Circle
Corpus Christi, TX 78413
(361) 225-2380

Project Contact: John DuBois
(361) 886-4511

Optimist Club of Stephenville (38407) - North Texas
Charles Allen Scout House
The Stephenville Club has sponsored a boy scout and a cub scout troop for many years. They noticed that their clubs were growing too large for their meeting place and decided that a larger, permanent facility should be built. The local school district donated land and the Club researched the costs associated with building a Scout House. An auction was held to raise funds and articles were published in the paper to publicize the project. Many businesses and individuals were asked to assist with labor, materials and more to help reduce project costs. The Club chose to name the Scout House after a charter Member who was involved with the scouts from the beginning of their sponsorship. A dedication ceremony was held and all volunteers and supporters were invited.

Project Contact: Charlie Finegan
6996 CR 242
Dublin, TX 76446
(254) 445-1996

South Central Texas District (16 Clubs) and North Texas District (25 Clubs) - Multiple Club CPA entry
The Young Texan/Tex-Anne Program
The Clubs in the North and South Central Texas Districts worked together to recognize Texas’ youth in major activity areas, such as extracurricular activities, scholarship achievements, part- or full-time work, talents and hobbies and community involvement. Each participating Club appointed a chairperson to select one boy and/or girl nominee per month. Each District reviewed the Club winners and selected District-winning resumes for one boy and one girl each month. The winning resumes were submitted to the state level for further judging by a panel of nonpartisan judges. These judges selected one state Young Texan and one Young Tex-Anne. Once a year, a state banquet was held to honor the youth. The Young Texan and Tex-Anne of the Year were awarded $1,000 scholarships.

Project Contact: Christina Rickard
14001 Oak Meadows #2111
Universal City, TX 78148
(210) 659-1419

Project Contact: Andy Stanford
3904 Gayle
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
(940) 696-1347

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