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This section includes suggested fundraising ideas as well as successful fundraising projects completed and documented by Clubs, and listed by fundraising category.

The Fundraising section includes only listings where the submitting Club(s) allowed the contact information of their coordinating Member(s) to be published.

Members interested in additional information concerning any listing are requested to send all inquiries directly to the contact identified in the listing.

The Fundraising section is an ongoing work in progress, with information updated on a regular basis.

Clubs that would like to submit an activity/program/project for consideration for inclusion in the Fundraising section can do so by contacting the Programs Department at programs@optimist.org or (800) 500-8130, ext. 235. The Programs Department will send the appropriate submission form for your Club to fill out in order to initiate the evaluation process. Club activities/programs/projects will only be listed if the submitting Club agrees to allow the project's coordinating Member's contact information to be listed on the Resource Library site.

A List of Fundraising Ideas from A to Z

Fundraising Ideas and Suggestions

Club Fundraising Projects