• Leadership Summits Professional training developing strong and Optimistic leaders
  • Friend of Optimists Inspire yourself and others by supporting Optimism
  • Welcome New Clubs Spreading Optimism to new communities
  • Scholarship Contests Helping youth achieve their dreams of higher education
  • Optimist Junior Golf Building positive values in young people through golf
  • Youth Clubs (JOOI) Join the world's most dynamic coalition of youth volunteers
  • Optimist Volunteers Join our team to bring out the best in kids and yourself
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Leadership Development

Personal Growth & Involvement (P.G.I.) Program
There are many benefits to becoming an Optimist. And since "Bringing Out the Best in Kids" is the consensus top benefit, the organization’s Personal Growth & Involvement (P.G.I.) program ranks a cool second. Where else can you become a more knowledgeable volunteer?

The P.G.I. program offers every Optimist member the opportunity to learn more about Optimism while advancing through 10 levels of involvement, leadership growth and achievement.

The P.G.I. program will make you a better volunteer. Through communication training, self-development modules and other personal growth activities, Optimist International is giving you a fantastic opportunity to continue to learn and grow into a leader.

For additional P.G.I. information, go to the P.G.I. section of the Optimist Leaders website or contact the Leadership Development Department at (800) 500-8130, ext. 261, or by e-mail at leadership@optimist.org.

Certified Trainers
Certified Trainers are pre-qualified “official” representatives of Optimist International who are chosen for their presentation skills, go through a qualification course and are available to speak to Districts and Optimists by contacting the Optimist International Leadership Department. For information about Certified Trainers, go to the Certified Trainers section of the Optimist Leaders website.

Training Materials
Training materials on a variety of subjects are available to Optimist Members through the Optimist Leaders website.

Leadership Summits
Optimist International will be hosting a series of one-day training events at locations across North America. Click here to find a summit near you.