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As the holiday season rolls in, many of us tend to become more philanthropically minded and consider how we can benefit others through the donation of time, money or by providing other assistance.

The internet has facilitated unprecedented opportunities to help others in ways we could only have dreamed of in the past: community building, disaster relief, sharing and caring have all benefitted from people who choose to use technology to better the lives of others.

While it is easy to be self-centered online, and a minority chooses to be mean online, most people are socially responsible, making positive connections, and contributing in thousands of different ways to collectively improving our world. With all the tools the internet provides, finding ways to help others is even easier.

Help teens understand that the actions they take today creates who they will be, and how they will think of themselves tomorrow. Research found that people who reach out to help others actually become happier and have a stronger self worth. Challenge teens to select a way to perform a random act of kindness.

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