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January 2014

President's Message

Please take a moment to view this video wishing your Club success in all that you do during the new year. Resolve to renew your MO and grow your Club in order to serve more children.

One flamingo, two flamingos, three flamingos more! Membership recruitment can be fun and here is how. Each District is eligible to receive a pink flock of flamingos to use as a motivator. A "keeper of the flock" must be appointed by each District. The District Membership Chair is a great choice.

The "keeper of the flock" has a simple job. They need to create signage that identifies the flock as the property of your District. The next step is incredibly important - look for a landing zone. A great landing zone can often be the front lawn of an unsuspecting Club President. Then, when the President least expects it, drop the flock on their lawn with the signage and a list of rules.

Rule one - get two new Members and register them with Optimist International within one week and the flock will be removed.

Rule two - get four new Members and you get to choose which President gets the flock next.

Rule three - do nothing and after one week, the flock will fly away leaving a lawn full of "flamingo poop" (marshmallows in disguise).

Have some fun and make membership high on your priority list. For more information or to request a flock of flamingos for your District, call Optimist International at (800)500-8130 or e-mail membership@optimist.org.

Yours in Optimism,

President Ron

Make Valuable Changes Organization-wide
Please take time to evaluate the Optimist International Bylaws, and make sure they continue to effectively serve the organization. This process allows you and your Club to help shape and improve all of Optimist International.

To recommend a revision, your Club must submit a proposed amendment citing the Article(s) and Section(s) and exact proposed wording change to the Articles and Sections cited, along with a written rationale in 200 words or less for the change.

The Club must submit the proposal on Club letterhead signed by the Club President. The proposal may be emailed and/or faxed to the International Office, but the original Club letter must be received by the International Office in order for the proposal to be considered.

All submitted changes will be brought before the International Convention delegates for vote and possible endorsement.

All proposed change submissions for the Bylaws must be received at the International Office by 5:00 p.m. (CST) Friday, April 11. Please mail them to: Dana Thomas, Executive Assistant, Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.

Make Your Club Heard
The Convention resolutions process can be used for any aspect of the organization not covered in the Bylaws. Clubs must submit resolutions by May 11 to the Resolutions Committee.

The committee will choose the strongest resolutions and report them to Convention delegates for debate and vote. Resolutions endorsed by Convention delegates are non-binding and are sent to the International Board of Directors for further consideration and study.

Please type resolutions on Club stationery and include your Club name, Club number and Club President's signature. All resolutions should be written in standard resolution format: "Whereas... , Whereas... , Whereas... , Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of Optimist International is asked to consider...."

Resolutions should be mailed to: Resolutions Committee, Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.



New Distinguished District Membership Chair Recognition
The Optimist International Membership Committee has established the Distinguished District Membership Chair award. The award will encourage Membership Chairs to take a more active role in new Member recruitment and also better define the responsibilities of the District Membership Chair. It will also recognize District Membership Chairs that go above and beyond their duties. Each Distinguished Chair will receive a lapel pin.

The top three Distinguished Chairs will be rewarded as follows: 3rd place - a paid 2015 International Convention registration; 2nd place - a paid 2015 International Convention registration and one night's hotel stay; 1st place - a paid 2015 International Convention registration, one night's hotel stay and travel expenses for one person. Please click here for the official award criteria and submission rules.

Leadership Summits will Bring out the Best in Your Club
Are you looking for new ways to energize your Club Members? Would you like to hear about innovative Club activities and fundraising ideas? Do you want to learn how your Club can bring out the best in more kids? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should attend an Optimist Leadership Summit!

These one-day training events will be held throughout North America starting this month in Jacksonville, Florida, and San Francisco and then will move to San Diego, Dallas and Atlanta in February. Check out the entire schedule and register online at www.optimist.org/summit.

The New Optimist Junior Golf Tour
Optimist Junior Golf announces a series of 36-hole events for junior golfers ages 14-18. These tournaments will feature approximately 80 junior golfers each, with players attending from throughout North America and other countries. Boys will compete in either the 14-15 or 16-18 age divisions while a single girls division will be offered for ages 14-18. Top finishers from these two tournaments will be exempt from having to qualify for the summer 2014 Optimist International Junior Golf Championships.

February 22-23, 2014
In partnership with Greg Norman Golf Academy
The Norman Course at Barefoot Resort
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

March 8-9, 2014
WaterChase Golf Club
Fort Worth, Texas

Make Your Plans for Convention Today
Members planning to attend the 2014 Convention in Las Vegas in July can now make it official by registering online. You won't want to miss all the training, fellowship and fun the convention has to offer! Click here to register.

To reserve your housing at the beautiful Caesars Palace, just click here. If you prefer to register by phone,call the hotel booking center toll free at (866) 227-5944. Be sure to mention group code SCOIN4 and that you are attending the Optimist International Convention at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, July 2014. Room rates start at $119 plus taxes and fees per night.

Information on travel discounts and a tentative agenda can be found here. Make sure to check out the winter issue of The Optimist magazine for details on all the exciting events that will be held at convention!

Online Election of Officers is Coming
Your Club's right to vote for the Optimist International President, Board Directors and Vice Presidents just got easier. Every Optimist Club can vote for International officers online beginning in June 2014.

In order to vote for the next Optimist International President, two At Large Board Directors and your Regional Vice President, your Optimist Club's International dues and fees must be paid in full by April 30, 2014.

Please make sure that your 2013-2014 Club President's email address is correct in the Optimist Membership database to ensure your Club receives the voting procedures next spring. If you have any questions or would like to update your e-mail, contact membership@optimist.org

A 'Souper' project for JOOI Clubs
Souper Bowl of Caring begins on January 20, and JOOI Clubs all over are participating! Souper Bowl of Caring is a youth-led movement that encourages groups to raise money and collect canned goods for organizations in their local communities. The event runs for several weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. This year's project runs through February 2. To learn more about the event, visit www.tacklehunger.org.

JOOI has been involved in Souper Bowl of Caring for several years. Is your JOOI Club involved in this great project? Is it time for your Club to send some canned goods their way? Contact your JOOI Club to find out.


Win a Club Grant in the Reel Optimism Video Contest
Optimist International, the Optimist International Foundation and the Canadian Children's Optimist Foundation are pleased to present the 2014 Reel Optimism Video Contest.  Clubs are encouraged to create a short video and upload it to YouTube to win a Club grant.  Be creative, collaborate and make it fun.  Feature your Club's youth events, community fundraisers, Member testimonials and more.  Finish the sentence "the greatest thing about being an Optimist is..."  Show us what it means to be an Optimist and put your Optimism on display!  For more information, click here.   

 Foundation Makes it Easier to Plan for the Future
Planning for the future can be a daunting task and most people have numerous questions. The Optimist International Foundation can help! Click here for an informative article about preparing for a meeting with an estate planning attorney. Learn more about how you can provide for your family, create gifts of income, save on taxes and benefit the Optimist organization with your plan.

For more information pertaining to the United States, click here and read donor stories, get started planning your will and read articles about current financial planning topics.


There’s Still Time to Register for Mid-Year Club and District Trainer Classes
Have you thought about becoming a Certified Optimist Trainer, but are not sure where to start? One of the first steps is to take the Club Trainer class that will be offered on Saturday, January 25 at the St. Louis Optimist International headquarters. This class will help you sharpen your training skills and decide if you wish to become part of the Certified Trainer program.

If you are already in the training program, have already taken the Club Trainer class and are planning to advance, the District Trainer class may be your next step. It will also be offered at the headquarters on January 25.

These are all-day training sessions that begin at 12:00 p.m. and run until approximately 8:00 p.m. Class size is limited, so you must sign up no later than January 15 to reserve your spot! There must be a minimum of eight participants in order to hold the class and you will be notified if the class should be canceled.

Please contact the Leadership Development department at 800-500-8130 ext. 261 or by e-mail at leadership@optimist.org if you are interested in attending. 


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