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Honoring Our Heroes - Details

Dates: March 1-June 30, 2016

Add 3 Heroes, Earn 3 Heroes

"Honoring Heroes in the Classroom"
Teachers and educators are paramount to the success of our children and our future. The outreach Optimists provide through our activities and programs (oratorical, sports, creative writing/essay) is very important to every Club. The best possible opportunity to reach schools is to add more teachers to our Clubs. Each Club is encouraged to enlist a teacher or educator to the Club roster, and Optimist International will reward this endeavor. Add a teacher or educator from March 1 to June 30 to your Club roster, and your Club receives free dues for a year for a second hero.* Add 1, Earn 1.

"Honoring Heroes Protecting Our Communities"
The men and women who serve and protect our communities are vital for our safety. We respect the service and protection provided by our law enforcement and public safety officers. To honor and recognize the importance of these devoted community servants, add a law enforcement officer or public safety officer to your Club from March 1 to June 30 and your Club receives free dues for a year for a second hero.* Add 1, Earn 1.

“Honoring Heroes Who Defend Our Freedom”
The men and women who serve and protect our nations and communities have given so much to each of us. Thousands of veterans serve as key Members of our Clubs. In many communities, veterans are the foundation of the Optimist Club. To honor and recognize the importance of our veterans, wounded veterans and the active duty armed forces personnel who protect our nations, add a veteran, wounded veteran or active duty armed forces personnel from March 1 to June 30 and your Club receives free dues for a year for a second hero.* Add 1, Earn 1.

Service project ideas for honoring our heroes

Honor a teacher, law enforcement or public safety officer, veteran or active duty military personnel as your Optimist Hero. Post a photo or video or write a comment on social media and include the hashtag #OptimistHero

Rules & Regulations:
This incentive only applies to individuals who have not been a Member of an Optimist Club or Friend of Optimists since March 1, 2015. Complimentary memberships will be of equivalent value to paid memberships.

*Your Club may add a hero from any of the categories (teacher, public safety or veteran/active duty personnel) listed above. Maximum of three complimentary-earned heroes per Club. Example: add a teacher, the Club earns a 12 month membership that can be awarded to a law enforcement officer. We are targeting community service heroes, education, public safety and our military veterans and active duty service personnel. Your heroes may be in any combination from the categories above: five teachers and one public safety worker…four veterans and two teachers…the possibilities are endless! The six new Members to your Club will provide the leadership, outreach and service to the community that can make a difference!
Teachers: classroom teachers, educators, educational administrators, college professors, principals, all professionals engaged in the education of our youth.

Public Safety: law enforcement, EMS, firefighters or all professionals engaged in the protection and safety of our communities on a local, state, provincial or national level.

Veterans and Active Duty Personnel: any individuals who have served, or are currently serving, their nation’s military armed forces. This includes: Army, Air Force, Navy, Royal Armed Forces, Reserves, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. Active duty military personnel refer to the armed forces of all Optimist Member nations.