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Online Elections

International Officer Election Results
July 1, 2015
The online election of International officers is complete. The following Optimists were elected by the Clubs participating in the voting:

2015-16 International President-Elect:

  • Jim Kondrasuk of Monona, Wisconsin
Three year term to the International Board of Directors:
  • Rebecca Butler-Mona of West Des Moines, Iowa
  • Adrian M. Elcock of St. Thomas, Barbados
2015-16 International Vice Presidents-Elect:
  • Northeast & Great Lakes Region Vice President-Elect: George Clarke of Barrie, Ontario
  • Southeast Region Vice President-Elect: Daniel Rich of St. Johns, Florida
  • Mid-Atlantic Region Vice President-Elect: Lawrence Kelley of Lenoir, North Carolina
  • Middle America Region Vice President-Elect: Charles “Chuck” Davis of Columbus, Ohio
  • Great Plains Region Vice President-Elect Susan Fix of New Ulm, Minnesota
  • Southwest Region Vice President-Elect Venus Sandford of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • West Coast Region Vice President-Elect: Bill French of Hillsboro, Oregon
  • St. Lawrence Region Vice President-Elect: Jean Paquet of Desjardins, Quebec
A total of 460 Optimist Clubs voted in the election, which represents 22% of the Clubs eligible to vote.