• Honoring Our Heroes Honor a teacher, public safety officer, veteran or active duty military personnel as your #OptimistHero
  • Oratorical World Championships Students from around the world to compete for scholarships
  • Youth Clubs (JOOI) Join the world's most dynamic coalition of youth volunteers
  • 2016 Optimist International Convention June 30-July 2, 2016 in Quebec City. Rediscover Optimism in Quebec. #OI2016
  • Official Suppliers Supplying Optimists with awards, pins, apparel and more
  • Welcome New Clubs Spreading Optimism to new communities
  • Optimist Junior Golf Building positive values in young people through golf
  • Friend of Optimists Inspire yourself and others by supporting Optimism
Honoring Our Heroes1 Oratorical World Championships2 Youth Clubs (JOOI)3 2016 Optimist International Convention4 Official Suppliers5 Welcome New Clubs6 Optimist Junior Golf7 Friend of Optimists8

Dues Structure

Effective October 1, 2015
The dues and fees below are effective through September 30, 2016. To review a breakdown of fees by quarter and by month, please click here.

Each Optimist Club is responsible for paying dues for every Member of the Club in an amount based on the economic standing of the country in which it resides.

  Regular Members
Annual Amount in U.S. Dollars
College Members
Annual Amount in U.S. Dollars
Tier 1 Countries $62.74 $22.86
Tier 2 Countries $46.42 $19.86
Tier 3 Countries $32.63 $13.86

Tiers are defined by the World Bank as High Income Economies, Upper Middle Income Economies and Low and Lower Income Economies. As of October 1, 2015, the following countries in which Optimist Clubs exist are classified as follows:

Tier 1
Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Russian Federation
United States

Tier 2
Saint Lucia

Tier 3
Democratic Republic of the Congo

For each Life Member enrolled, a Club pays annual dues of $26 regardless of the tier.

New Member processing fee: $15 (U.S.) for regular Members and $5 (U.S.) for college Members.

Life Membership fee is $467.50 (U.S.) effective October 1, 2015.

Note on Dues: $1.00 (U.S.) is returned to the Districts