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International Leaders

2014-2015 Optimist International Board of Directors
The 2014-2015 Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers aimed at "Bringing Out the Best in Kids." Elected by Optimist volunteers from around the globe, the Board is charged with leading the organization into the future. The JOOI President and Executive Director serve as non-voting members.

To contact an International leader by e-mail, use their firstname.lastname followed by @optimistmail.org.

Ken Garner
International President

Optimist Club of Fort Worth-Breakfast East, TX

Dave Bruns
International President-Elect

White Lakes Optimist Club of Topeka, KS

Ron Huxley
Immediate Past President

Optimist Clubs of Ausable-Port Franks, ON and Jeffersonville, IN

Javanni Waugh
JOOI President

Benny Ellerbe
Executive Director

Optimist Club of Shreveport-Breakfast, LA

Judy Boyd
Member at Large

Optimist Club of Urbandale, IA

Sue Creswell
Member at Large

Optimist Club of Daniel Boone-Douglassville, PA

Marc Katz
Member at Large

Optimist Clubs of West Branch, Royal Oak and Kalamazoo-Breakfast, MI

Jim Oliver
Member at Large

Optimist Clubs of Van Nuys-Airport, Westwood-UCLA and PSWD Builders of Excellence, CA

Marlene Phillips
Member at Large

Optimist Clubs of Essex, Essex Youth Centre, Windsor-Riverside, Roseville-Fontainebleu and Kiss'n Ride Injury Prevention, ON

Rick Quinlan
Member at Large

Optimist Clubs of Bellevue, NE and Dubuque, IA

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions for the Board of Directors, please send to board@optimist.org.

2014-2015 International Vice Presidents
The eight Vice Presidents serve one-year terms.

Fatima Plater
Northeast & Great Lakes Region
Optimist Clubs of Detroit-Metro Riverfront, Detroit-Loving Community and WSU Warriors-Detroit, MI

Deanna Morrow
Southeast Region
Optimist Clubs of Carrollton and Optimist Xpress, GA

Lawson Headley
Mid Atlantic Region
Optimist Clubs of Hanover and Richmond-West Central, VA

Todd McMillin
Middle America Region
Optimist Clubs of Decatur, IN, Janesville-Wednesday, Janesville-Breakfast and Janesville Noon, WI

Janet Lloyd
Great Plains Region
Optimist Clubs of Des Moines and Des Moines-Western-Noon, IA

Janet Oord Graves
Southwest Region
Optimist Clubs of San Antonio, TX and Kalamazoo-Breakfast, MI

Edward "Ed" Murphy III
West Coast Region
Optimist Clubs of Issaquah, WA and Sunrise-San Diego, CA

Danielle Dupont
St. Lawrence Region
Optimist Clubs of Bon Plaisir de L'Outaouais Inc. and Thurso, QC

2014-2015 International Committees
The International Committee Chairs and Members are appointed by the International President each year.

Sandy Larivee, Chair
Kevin Ailara
Carol Haynes

Audit & Finance
Paul Lucas, Chair
Adrian Elcock
Guy Templin
Bob McFadyen
Kathleen Manchec

Mike Allen, Chair

Robert Doyle, Chair
Jim Kondrasuk
Chris Jernigan
Mark Harris
Ronnie Dunn

Don Brose, Chair
Sandy Cyphers
David Pudles
Bron Deal
Julie D'Auteuil

Junior Golf
Mike Goldman, Chair
Wes Norris
Patsy Garner
Steve Feinstein
Gail Headley

Leadership Development
H. Nick Prillaman Jr, Chair
Tracy Huxley
Rose Kohler
André Therrien
Mark Weinsoff

Marketing & Communications
Becky Butler Mona, Chair
Judy Wiles
Ron Whitaker
Meghan Lewis
Mike Cheves

Mark Weinsoff, Chair
Nicole Paquette
Josh Floyd
Diane Clark
Gerri Barnett
Hal Sewell
Helen Howard
Tom Shearer

New Club Building
Esthermarie Hillman, Chair
Dwight Phillips
Robert Schiller
Gilles Bélanger
Jim Boyd
Ron Graves
Sonia Anderson
Susan Fix

Club Services
Paula Reyling, Chair
Thérèsa Tremblay
Debbie Hill
Mark Shriver
Harry Margo
Donna Priester
Bill French
Joanne Ganske

Pension Trustees
James "Jim" Kondrasuk, Chair
Steve Duben
Don Hand
Benny Ellerbe

Tom Lloyd, Chair
Sam Kohler
Mike Mona

Convention Committees

Candidate Qualifications
Don Sievers, Chair
Mark O Shriver IV
Danny Rodgers
Jack Creswell
Claire Labrèche
Barb Scirto-Sullivan
Richard Highland

Robert Doyle, Chair
Jim Kondrasuk
Chris Jernigan
Mark Harris
Ronnie Dunn

Recommendation Form for Optimist International Office or Committee