2014 District Qualifying Criteria and Policies

Optimist District qualifying tournaments will follow the same criteria as listed below.

Scoring Requirement

In order to qualify for the international championships, golfers must meet two separate requirements as follows:
(1) Golfers must shoot at or below an established target score in the District qualifier. The target scores by age division are listed below. All scores are in relation to par and are for 18-hole tournaments. For multiple-round tournaments, the amount over par increases accordingly. Refer to the table below to determine the exact scoring criteria based on the golf course’s established par.
(2) Golfers must qualify for one of the designated spot(s) granted to a specific District qualifying tournament. The number of qualifying spots in each age division varies by District. Please contact your District Chair for details.



    Boys 10-11 Boys 12-13 Boys 14-15 Boys 16-18


    24-over-par 18-over-par 11-over-par 6-over-par
    Par 68 92 86 79 74
    Par 69 93 87 80 75
    Par 70 94 88 81 76
    Par 71 95 89 82 77
    Par 72 96 90 83 78
    Par 73 97 91 84 79
    Par 74 98 92 85 80


Girls 10-12 Girls 13-14 Girls 15-18


24-over-par 20-over-par 13-over-par
Par 68 92 88 81
Par 69 93 89 82
Par 70 94 90 83
Par 71 95 91 84
Par 72 96 92 85
Par 73 97 93 86
Par 74 98 94 87

District Qualifying Spots
Each District is granted a set number of qualifying spots in each age division. This represents the number of golfers in each age division that will be eligible to advance to the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships via the District qualifying tournament (provided the golfer meets the established scoring requirement above).

A tiebreaker will be used to determine the District winners, ties for the last qualifying spot, and ties for alternate spots. District Chairs are responsible for determining the tiebreaking method used.

Out-of-District Golfers
If golfers from other Districts participate in a qualifying tournament, their participation will not eliminate any District residents from qualifying. If an out-of-District golfer qualifies for one of the designated spots, he/she is eligible to attend the international championships in addition to the next-highest golfer who lives within the District boundaries.

Alternates will be admitted to the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships if a golfer who qualifies for one of a District’s designated spots decides not to attend. Alternates must register by June 28 to be eligible. Please check with your District Chair.

Official District Tournament
A District qualifier will not be considered official unless all golfers in an age division complete a minimum of nine holes, in which case the tournament would revert back to the last hole completed by the entire age division. In the case of a District qualifier that is cancelled with no make-up date, golfers in said District will be eligible to submit an “at large” application directly to Optimist International. In this situation, the number of accepted “at large” applicants in each division will be equal to the number of qualifying spots granted for the District.

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The Optimist International Junior Golf Championships is nationally ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard and Golfweek and is included in the AJGA Performance Based Entry process.

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