Official Qualifying Tournaments for the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships

The following are the Optimist Districts in the province of Quebec.  Please click here for information on the St. Lawrence Regional qualifying tournament. 

Quebec Center
Province of Quebec west of the Richellieu River, Highways 158, 347, 348, 349 and 155 south of a line drawn from Riviere aux Rats to Manouane, east of a line drawn from Manouane to St. Donat de Montcalm and Highways 125 and 25, north of highways 640 and 40, south of Riviere des Mille Iles, lac de Deux Montagnes, east of the Ontario-Quebec border.

Quebec East and Acadia
Province of Quebec, on the south shore and south of the St. Lawrence River and east of Riviere Chaudiere and Highway 173, including the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, and the Maritime provinces except Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Quebec East-North Shore
Province of Quebec, on the north shore and north of the St. Lawrence River and east of Highways 167, 169, 155, 351, 350, 349, 348 and 158, including Iles-aux-Coudres and Ile-d’Orléans plus the Maritime province of Newfoundland.

Quebec South
Province of Quebec west of Highway 173 and Riviere Chaudiere, south of the St. Lawrence River, and east of the Richelieu River.

Quebec West
Province of Quebec east of the Quebec-Ontario border, north of Lac des Deux Montagnes, Riviere des Mille Iles, south of Highways 40 and 640, west of Highways 25 and 125, and a line drawn from Manaouane to Riviere aux Rats west of Highways 155, 169, and 167, except for the city of Chapais on Highway 113.

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