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International Vice President-Elect Nominee

Brenda Martinez-Ortelli

Current Optimist Club(s)
  • Optimist Club of Northwest Tampa, Florida
  • Optimist Club of West Tampa, Florida

Date you first joined an Optimist Club:

January 26, 2000

Year(s) you were a Club President:

2007-08; 2008-09

Year(s) you were a Lieutenant Governor:

2009-10; 2010-11; 2011-12; 2014-15; 2015-16; 2016-17

Year(s) you were a District Governor:


Optimist Awards achieved:

  • Distinguished Governor (2013-14)
  • North Florida District ranked #1 in growth (2013-14)
  • Pacesetter Award (2013-14)
  • North Florida District Optimist of the Year
  • Distinguished Club President


Administrative (Husband self-employed Bail Bond office)

What are your primary qualifications for this office?

Leadership, energetic, goal orientated, dedicated, compassionate to the mission of the organization

What specific things will you do to help the Clubs and Districts in your Region?

Keep open communications on regular basis and promote growth, prepare and recommend duties to help Governor-Elects, to form a supportive and mentoring relationship

Anything else you would like to say to Clubs. 

I am truly honored to have been nominated for this position and I look forward to this coming year. Kids are the key to our heart – together we can!

Candidate Bios

2017-18 President-Elect Candidates:

  • Rebecca Butler Mona, IA
  • Fatima Plater, MI
  • 2017-18 Board Director at Large Candidates (2 to be elected):

  • Don Brose, MI
  • Lola, Cumbo, AC
  • Sandy Cyphers, NCE
  • Robert Floyd, WMO
  • Patsy Garner, NTX
  • 2017-18 Vice Presidents-Elect Candidates:

  • Region 1 Northeast & Great Lakes – Cherryl Thames, MI
  • Region 2 Southeast – Brenda Ortelli, NFL
  • Region 3 Mid-Atlantic – Stewart Mallard, NCW
  • Region 4 Middle America – Gerri Barnett, IA
  • Region 5 Great Plains – Edie Harris, AMS&NW
  • Region 6 Southwest – Paul Lucas, NTX
  • Region 7 West Coast – T G Thomas, PSW
  • Region 8 St. Lawrence – Nathalie Boulet, QW and Roch Daigle, QC