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California (United States)
CityClub Name Club Number 
Millennium-Chula Vista, Ca 41662  
Apple Valley   Apple Valley, Ca 15017  
Arroyo Grande Arroyo Grande, Ca 14020  
Atascadero Atascadero, Ca 14927  
Bakersfield   Bakersfield, Ca 14025
Bakersfield Bakersfield Southwest, Ca 14972
Bakersfield West Bakersfield, Ca 14978
Barstow Barstow, Ca 15030  
Bonita Bonita, Ca 41007
Bonita Connect Club Of Bonita, Ca 41661  
Bonita Vintage Homes-Bonita, Ca 41663  
Buena Park Buena Park, Ca 15170  
Buena Park Buena Park-Suburban, Ca 15815
Burbank Burbank, Ca 14175  
Burbank Burbank-Magnolia Park, Ca 14530  
California City   California City, Ca 14931
Camarillo Camarillo-Noontime, Ca 14184
Campbell Miracle Mile - Campbell, Ca 20230
Canyon Country Canyon Country, Ca 14009
Carlsbad Carlsbad Inc., Ca 41005
Carlsbad Village-Carlsbad, Ca 41639  
Cerritos Giving Hearts Of La/Oc, Ca 15202  
Cerritos Cerritos, Ca 15203  
Chico Chico, Ca 20545  
Chula Vista Dignified Residents - Chula Vista, Ca 41008  
Chula Vista Eastlake Of Chula Vista, Ca 41649  
Chula Vista New Alternatives & Youth Home-Chula Vista, Ca 41664  
Citrus Heights Citrus Heights, Ca 20554  
Compton Compton, Ca 15023  
Concord Concord, Ca 20070  
Coronado Coronado, Ca 41022
Cupertino Cupertino, Ca 20075  
Cupertino Cupertino-De Anza, Ca 20080
Downey   Downey, Ca 15255  
El Cajon   El Cajon, Ca 41039  
El Centro El Centro, Ca 41040  
Elk Grove Elk Grove, Ca 20086  
Encino Encino-Sherman Oaks, Ca 14842  
Exeter Exeter, Ca 14970  
Fillmore   Fillmore-Piru, Ca 14994  
Fountain Valley Young Adult-Fountain Valley, Ca 15952  
Fresno Fresno, Ca 20140  
Fresno Fresno-Greater, Ca 20160  
Gardena   Gardena-Eve, Ca 14310
Glendale Jewel City-Glendale, Ca 14959  
Goleta Goleta-Bft, Ca 14105  
Granada Hills Granada Hills, Ca 14938  
Grover Beach Five Cities - Grover Beach, Ca 14947  
Huntington Beach   Surf City-Huntington Beach, Ca 15008  
Imperial Beach   Imperial Beach, Ca 41049  
Lakeside   Lakeside, Ca 41065
Lancaster Antelope Valley, Ca 14010  
Lawndale Lawndale, Ca 14465  
Los Angeles Los Angeles High School, Ca 14019  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Crescent Bay, Ca 14245  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Westside, Ca 14955  
Los Angeles Westwood-Ucla, Ca 14956  
Los Angeles Miracle Mile-Los Angeles, Ca 14973  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Central City, Ca 15196  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Japanese-Am, Ca 15415  
Los Angeles Alhambra-East/West, Ca 15441  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Lincoln Heights, Ca 15475  
Los Angeles Los Angeles, Ca 15500  
Los Angeles Los Angeles-Pan American, Ca 15655  
Los Gatos Los Gatos, Ca 20210  
Madera   Hope For The Children-Madera, Ca 14011  
Malibu Malibu, Ca 14535  
Millbrae Castro Valley, Ca 20360  
Montebello Montebello-Bella Vista, Ca 15037  
Montebello Montebello, Ca 15575  
Monterey Park Monterey Park-Eastside, Ca 15283
Monterey Park Monterey Park-Lamp, Ca 15440  
Moreno Valley Moreno Valley-Morning, Ca 15582  
Napa   Napa, Ca 20260  
Newark Newark, Ca 20261  
Newhall Newhall-Santa Clarita Valley, Ca 14590  
North Highland North Highlands, Ca 20326  
North Hollywood North Hollywood, Ca 14605
North Hollywood North Hollywood-Optimists In Action, Ca 14610  
Oceanside   Oceanside, Ca 41095  
Ocotillo Desert Volunteer'S Of Ocotillo, Ca 41653  
Ojai Ojai, Ca 14625  
Oroville Oroville, Ca 20542
Pacific Palisades   Pacific Palisades, Ca 14645  
Pacoima San Fernando Valley-Greater, Ca 14952  
Palm Desert Palm Desert, Ca 15650
Pasadena Pasadena-Crown City, Ca 15247  
Pasadena Pasadena, Ca 15665  
Paso Robles Paso Robles, Ca 14668  
Playa Vista Playa Vista, Ca 14028  
Pomona Hopeful Heart-Pomona, Ca 15000  
Pomona Pomona, Ca 15140
Porterville Porterville, Ca 14678
Rancho Cordova   Rancho Cordova, Ca 20318  
Rancho Murieta Rancho Murieta, Ca 20297  
Redlands Redlands, Ca 15685  
Redwood City Redwood City, Ca 20325  
Redwood City Redwood City-Woodside Terrace, Ca 20328  
Ridgecrest Indian Wells Valley, Ca 14029  
Riverside Riverside, Ca 15710
Rocklin Rocklin, Ca 20555  
Sacramento   Sacramento-Bft, Ca 20015
Sacramento Sacramento-Country Club, Ca 20073  
Sacramento Sacramento-Eve, Ca 20125  
Sacramento Sacramento, Ca 20345  
Sacramento Sacramento-Sutterville Heights, Ca 20475  
San Carlos San Carlos-Belmont, Ca 20365  
San Diego Allied Gardens-San Diego, Ca 41003  
San Diego San Diego-Kensington, Ca 41058  
San Diego San Diego-Point Loma, Ca 41100  
San Diego Sunrise-San Diego, Ca 41135  
San Diego San Diego-Uptown, Ca 41140  
San Diego S.u.c.c.e.s.s. Of San Diego, Ca 41654  
San Diego Chamorro-San Diego, Ca 41665  
San Jose San Jose, Ca 20375  
San Leandro San Leandro, Ca 20380
San Luis Obispo San Luis, Ca 14031  
Santa Ana Garden Grove-Orange Coast, Ca 15640
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara-Northside, Ca 14613  
Santa Barbara University Of California-Santa Barbara, Ca 14933  
Santa Clara Santa Clara, Ca 20395
Santa Monica Santa Monica, Ca 14760  
Santa Paula Santa Paula, Ca 14765  
Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Inc., Ca 20405  
So Lake Tahoe South Lake Tahoe, Ca 20425  
Solana Beach Del Mar-Solana Beach, Ca 41033
South Gate South Gate, Ca 15785  
Spring Valley Casa De Oro, Ca 41642  
Stockton Stockton, Ca 20450  
Studio City Studio City, Ca 14928  
Thousand Oaks   Thousand Oaks-Conejo Valley, Ca 14230  
Truckee Truckee, Ca 20489  
Vacaville   Solano County, Ca 20540  
Valencia The Greater Santa Clarita, Ca 14903
Valley Center Valley Center, Ca 41142  
Valley Springs Valley Springs, Ca 20536  
Van Nuys Van Nuys-Airport, Ca 14907  
Ventura Ventura-Sunrise, Ca 14845
Ventura Ventura-East, Ca 14850  
Visalia Visalia, Ca 14920  
Vista Vista, Ca 41145  
West Hills   West Hills, Ca 14923
Whittier Whittier Whittier, Ca 15940  
Woodland Hills Warner Center-Woodland Hills, Ca 14925  
Woodland Hills Woodland Hills, Ca 14990  
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